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I am the girl that ‘got hot’ after highschool.

It’s not because I lost the weight or finally figured out that clothes were for more than covering my skin. It’s not because I realized I had breasts or because I grew into my face and grew out my hair. It’s not because I stopped trying to hide my height, and I definitely didn’t just randomly develop social skills.

The reason I ‘got hot’ after highschool is because there was no one telling me I wasn’t.

Molly Burton | On Highschool (via j0ye)
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I don’t like short dresses. I can’t seem to control my expression and legs at the same time, the photos always turn out a mess :( 

Anyway! Flower dress and headpiece are all finished, step by step instructions for this dress can be found on my blog, and a video tutorial for the headpiece is here

The whole thing is sheer, but you can’t really tell because the petticoat is white and i’m very pale ;;

It was designed, drafted, made, and worn by me! Took 16-ish hours to make, spread over a seven day period. Has about sixty dollars worth of fake flowers in it and several yards of silk organza, poly chiffon, and tulle.

I was a fun and easy little project. I enjoyed it.


kill the current notion of villains needing to be human at the end of the day.

bring back villains that killed because they enjoyed blood on their hands.

give me villains that destroy cities because of boredom.

give me narcissistic villains that destroy others because they never compare to themselves.

give me bad guys that no one wants to empathise with.

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aquarelle et feutre QuQ 

tradi” yolo

merci gentil scan qui detruit mes couleurs QuQ/ *amour* 


Chibi FrUk
J’aime bien ce couple au fond ;;u;;


[magnet noises]


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getting ur favorite character on a ‘which character are you?’ quiz


getting your least favorite character on a ‘which character are you?’ quiz


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"Some suspicious gardening activity going on here.."

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and then they did it


Cara Delevingne by Liz Collins for Love Magazine Fall/Winter 2014